Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few changes...

Apologies to all my followers (all 4 of you!!) for the MASSIVE delay in updating this blog :( Lots has happened since March 2011 but let's just summarise the main events:

(1) Isla has grown hair

(2) Isla has a new baby brother

Isla took a while getting used to the latest addition to the Auva'a household but has since become a very doting big sis. Lots of hugs & cuddles and even a few rugby tackles & pinches thrown in there as well!

Luca is named after his dad 'Tolovae' and 'Ichiro' in Japanese means 'First Son'. He is a cruisy lil bub... just eats & sleeps and never complains. At birth he weighed just over 7lbs but is growing so fast... he may take over his big sis so she better watch out!

We have been very lucky to have Aunty Sachi & Uncle Mark, Nana & Papa (from both sides) and all the aunties, uncles & cousins to help us out. So far it hasn't been too crazy in the hood! Fingers crossed that lasts.

Ok - signing off for now but promising to be much better with keeping in touch. Aunty Rachel, these pics are just for you. Thanks for forcing me to get off my behind and getting some pics online!!!! ;)


  1. Isla has grown so fast! Luca is going to be a heart breaker for sure!

  2. Yay, way to go Aunty Ling! beautiful pictures of the two little ones ... cuddles xox