Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday Aunty Sachi

It's 3 days late... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY SACHI!

Hope you got our present that we only just mailed yesterday (hehe!). We miss you lots and can't wait to see you again xx

Happy Birthday Caleb

The amazing (and delicious!) birthday cake made by Molly

Isla loves her cousin Caleb

Yup - that's grounded... it's a try!

5th Sept... Isla turns 7months & Caleb turns 8!

Caleb turned 8 on 5th September. He celebrated with 25 friends at tenpin bowling & minigolf followed by a lunch at Burger King. After that, the family headed back to Molly & Mark's house to have a bbq & and a few drinks. Caleb got loads of cool presents & he had a super day. It was extra special cos Aunty Nina came from USA and Uncle Lima surprised us with a visit from Sydney!
On a sadder note...Poor Isla ended up in Starship Childrens Hospital the next day with a high fever & suspected bladder infection. She had a catheter inserted (ouch!) and fortunately it wasn't a bladder infection rather just a viral throat infection. She was really fussy & grumpy for a few days and is only just coming right now. Bit of a scare for us... but Isla seemed to take it all in her stride!

Where is Isla?


Where did she go?

The crucifix pose!

Isla has been swaddled since birth to help her sleep. Now that she is becoming more mobile we are trying to wean her off the swaddle... with some difficulty! We have tried pretty much everything books & experts have recommended. We tried one arm out, one arm swaddled - only to wake up the next morning to scratches & cuts all down one side of her head from her scratching all night! We finally decided to just go 'cold turkey' and have been putting her to sleep without any swaddle. It's taking a while for her to get used to having her arms free... which leads to some really funny poses! She's waking up more during the night but we'll persevere and hopefully she'll get the hang of it quickly!