Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Piano

Isla Mozart

Umm, how can I play if I can't reach the foot pedals?
Smiling for the paparazzi

This is a handy foot step...

The saga of the piano!

When we moved from Kingston we discovered that the piano had borer so Papa & Nana paid to get it fumigated before transferring it to Glamis, where it was stored in the garage cos Aunty Sachi didn't want it in her new house! Papa was not too impressed with this as he was very attached to the piano!

Isla loves playing (or rather, banging!) the piano so we convinced them to let us take it to Everton when we moved in. However, 2 weeks after moving in we discovered borer holes all along the walls behind the piano :(

After much arguing, raised voices and a few yelling matches with the guy who supposedly fumigated the piano - we were told that the house has had borer for quite a while... which is another story!

Anyway, Isla still loves playing the piano and while I was cleaning yesterday she was trying to get to the piano. She had an obstacle (namely the vacuum cleaner) in front of her but as you can see, she did not let this stop her. Funnily enough, her foot started the vaccum accidentally which gave her a bit of a heartattack and she fell off the vacuum!


  1. Following in Momma's footsteps :)) too cute!!!

  2. Oh and Dad's still not talking to me about the piano!!! lol
    Love the vacuum as a step trick!