Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!

Moemoe time with Dadda

If I do this, will you give me more food?

No? Ok, how 'bout I smile real cheesy?

Spying on the neighbours with Nana

It's been 3 months since our last update (whoops!) and what a 3 months it has been! Let's see... we finally moved out of Ontario St after living there approx 20 years, Aunty Sachi, Uncle Mareko & Micah returned home from Sydney (yay!), Mama & Dadda went for a wedding in Raro and I got to spend some time with Aunty Molly & Nana in Auckland, my first Christmas & New Year celebrations, Dadda got a new job... it's been busy, busy, busy!
On a more personal note, Isla now has 4 teeth and obviously inherited her eating genes from her Dadda (ie: she gobbles everything put in front of her!). Still crawling around like a race car but is attempting to take a few steps & stand on her own thanks to a cool walker that Micah got her for Christmas.

We're really lucky to have Aunty Sachi back cos she is genius with the camera... we can finally get some decent shots of Isla!


  1. That's a great pic of Batgran and Isla!

  2. Awww sad one Matt, what about the pic of Tolly and Isla?!? lol

  3. I was referring to the lighting and composition of the photo hehe